Why Mediation?

Mediation is a significant step in the life of any dispute.  After sufficient information has been developed, the stakeholders meet with a trained mediator.  The mediator’s role is to stimulate a dialogue designed to encourage incremental bargaining based upon an introspective evaluation of facts and evidence combined with litigation risk.  A mediated resolution offers the parties valuable and intangible benefits such as certainty, control, and closure.  A mediated resolution often offers the litigant the best possible outcome.

We strive to provide a process where all parties feel both comfortable, and engaged, allowing them to make important decisions about their case.


Schmidt Mediation Group Welcomes Andrew Graham

Michael Schmidt of Schmidt Mediation Group is pleased to welcome Andrew Graham to our team of Mediators. 

As an Associate Judge in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Andrew established a reputation for being extremely well prepared for any hearing he conducted, and demonstrated a strong commitment to helping the parties achieve settlement.  Andrew’s extensive legal knowledge, combined with his passion for people, make him an excellent choice to function as mediator, on your next matter.

Andrew’s ability to communicate with Francophone and Spanish speaking litigants in their own language often proves helpful in cultivating their trust in the process and ultimately achieving settlements of their cases.

For more information with respect to Andrew’s experience and qualifications, please select his name from the “our Team” tab above.  To view Andrew’s availability or to book Andrew for your mediation, please select his calendar from the “Availability Calendar” tab above.