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Why Mediation?


Mediation is a significant step in the life of any dispute.  After sufficient information has been developed, the stakeholders meet with a trained mediator.  The mediator’s role is to stimulate a dialogue designed to encourage incremental bargaining based upon an introspective evaluation of facts and evidence combined with litigation risk.  A mediated resolution offers the parties valuable and intangible benefits such as certainty, control, and closure.  A mediated resolution often offers the litigant the best possible outcome.

We strive to provide a process where all parties feel both comfortable, and engaged, allowing them to make important decisions about their case.


Schmidt Mediation Group is pleased to introduce
Marshall Schnapp and welcome him to the Schmidt Mediation Group team.


Since 2010 Marshall has Mediated over 2000 cases where he achieved a very high rate of settlement.  Prior to becoming a mediator, Marshall was a litigation lawyer.

Marshall will be a great addition to our team as his expertise includes mediating disputes in the following areas:
Insurance, personal injury, LTD, banking, employment, commercial, and professional negligence.

For 1/2 day Mediations, Marshall has a roster-like rate of $850. With this rate, it will ensure you’ll have a cost-effective option for certain cases without sacrificing the quality and experience you expect.

Please feel free to contact Marshall directly and click here to learn more about his experience and approach, or consult his booking calendar for availability.